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  • Radio Button Group for Search Filters

    set of radio buttons grouped for selecting different search filters

  • Posts / Articles card grid

    Present a collection of articles or blog posts in a grid format with their respective featured images

  • Posts / Articles card grid

    Present a collection of articles or blog posts in a grid format with their respective featured images

  • Stats cards for admin panel

    This Component is designed to present statistics in a tile format. It comprises a title, a large numeric value, and an icon, creating an eye-catching way to display data.

  • User Comments Section

    Display users' comments beautifully. The component also has a form for commenting.

  • Author card

    Author card for giving credit to the author of the Blog/Article. It has social media icons and user image

  • Pricing Table

    Modern and visually appealing design

  • Tab Switch

    tab-switching example with tailwind and vanilla JS

  • Image gallery using grid

    basic image gallery that displays images in a responsive grid, with an overlay and a "View" button that appears on hover. You can further customize and enhance it to fit your design and functionality requirements.

  • Code Snippet with Copy Button

    Clipboard-Friendly Code Block Uses Prisma for code highlighting

  • Comment section

    Minimal comment section for your project

    8 months ago
  • Tag Cloud

    Tag cloud with sub-sections

  • Mobile device mockup

    Smartphone (with punch hole notch) mockup in tailwind

  • Info cards grid with icons

    Evenly-sized cards for showing various stats on the user/admin dashboard.

  • CTA block for "Take our survey"

    Get users attention to he survey form

    10 months ago
  • Continue with social login buttons (google, linkedin, twitter, facebook, github, apple)

    Login/signup buttons for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and Apple

    10 months ago
  • Coming soon page with working count down timer

    Update the date according to your need

    11 months ago
  • Thumbs up and thumbs down buttons

    Upvote downvote buttons

    11 months ago
  • Closable toast message

    show notification toast message at the bottom right corner

    11 months ago
  • Read more / Show more button with hide button

    "hide" button that appears when the additional content is displayed:

    11 months ago
  • Dropdown menu list

    Dropdown menu list without using javascript. This example takes advantage of native HTML's <details> and <summary> tags

  • Star rating svg buttons

    buttons consist of star,star-filled, and star half-filled

  • Mobile device mockup

    Smartphone (with notch) mockup in tailwind

  • Tag Cloud

    Word/Tag cloud

  • Responsive footer

    Footer section with icons

  • Mobile device mockup (iPhone 14 pro)

    Smartphone (with dynamic island notch) mockup in tailwind

  • Image input with preview

    Show you a preview of the selected image.

  • Pagination small

    Suitable for large no of pages

  • Nested comment section

    This is a comment thread with a reply, up-vote, and down-vote buttons.

  • Divider section

    Divider to mark the end or to start a new section.

  • Comment Section

    The minimal comment section for your project with user user images.

  • Loading Overlay

    Add loading overlay to your divs

  • Hero section

    Hero section for your project

  • Progress Bar

    Simple Progress bar

  • Feature Card

    Elevated card

  • Items list

    list in fieldset

  • Radio Buttons

    Users can click anywhere on the input field to select the radio option

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