Component Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering contributing your Tailwind CSS components to our community library. Your contributions help make this resource more valuable for developers worldwide. To ensure a smooth and consistent submission process, please follow these guidelines:

1. Component Quality:

  • Components should be well-designed, functional, and adhere to Tailwind CSS best practices.
  • Ensure that your component is thoroughly tested and free from bugs or issues.
  • Assign appropriate tags and categories to your component to make it easier for users to find and browse.

2. Tags and Features:

Help users discover and navigate your component by assigning appropriate tags and feature flags. These tags and flags provide valuable information about your component's characteristics.

  • Tags: Choose descriptive tags that highlight the main attributes or functionality of your component. For example, if your component is a navigation menu, relevant tags might include "menu," and "navigation," These tags will assist users in finding components that match their specific needs.
  • Feature Flags: Indicate whether your component is responsive and supports dark mode by selecting the appropriate feature flags. This ensures that users can quickly identify components that align with their requirements.

By adhering to these guidelines, you'll help maintain the quality and integrity of our community library while contributing valuable resources for developers working with Tailwind CSS. Thank you for your contribution!

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